Monday, April 25, 2011


Yes. That’s right. A cheese blog.

Many said I shouldn’t do it. My mother argued that my (albeit fantastic) waistline could not hold up to the daily tasting sessions. My friends told me that my obsession had become a concern. My unconscious mind was growing tired of the bizarre cheese dreams.

But for me, this is as gouda as it gets.

You love cheese too, right?

Hard and crumbling. Soft and creamy. Wafer-thin slivers and weighted wheels of solid joy.

Some like it hot. Melting on bread, forks, fingers.

Some like it shaved. Diaphanous sheets curling over pasta, salad.

Some like it right now, with the kind of “hook-it-to-my-veins” desperation not seen since CheeseCon '85.

And me? I like it any way. I shall eat it on the beaches, I shall eat it in the fields and in the streets. And then when I’m finished, I shall wander, corpulent, over to this blog and bring my thoughts to you dear people.

Join this little fromage à trois, bring a cheese wheel and a glass of wine with you, and we’ll wander once more into the cheese, my friends.

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