Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have you been in Paris Claire? Why, yes! I have!

Oh. Mercy. Me.

I’m back from Paris. I’m back from London. I’m back from the magical mystery tour that was two weeks in fairly populous urban centres, and as all travel writers will attest, I am a changed person!

Not really. But it was really freakin’ good.

Sorry for the hiatus. Sorry for the long nights spent staring out the window through the rain while my un-updated blog stagnated on your browser and the mournful tones of “Careless Whisper” played in the background. Sorry for the fact that I was overseas eating all of the cheeses and you were stuck responding to passive-aggressive emails from Hilda in accounts.

BUT! Rest assured much-mythologised-reader-on-the-other-end-of-the-internet, I am back. I am going to share (nay, overshare) my stories from the holiday, all the anecdotes from that quaint restaurant in Paris, the old fashioned cheeserie in Oxford and that co-mingled recycling bin in Tokyo.

Yeah, I went there. And you will go there. And then you will wish you didn’t.

Stay tuned!

PS. I’ll be in the central-western New South Wales town of Orange this long weekend, hopefully sitting in some delightful wine bar sampling cheese and making APT OBSERVATIONS on my laptop. Hi Claire, the late 90s called – they want their romantic comedy “getting over you” montage back.

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