Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red: the colour of desire, Black: my life without this cheese

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when they are forced into this situation: apologising profusely for not being as prolific a writer as initially intended.

You, dear reader, are left waiting by the phone like so many jilted lovers, pining away the hours listening to Phil Collins mixtapes (you shouldn’t) and further wasting time by alphabetising the fridge (you really shouldn’t) and vacuuming the letter box (probably not a bad idea, the postman is judging you).

All the while, you wonder, will she ever get in touch? Will I be forced to create some sort of weird totem representative of my former affections and all the cheeses we once shared?


And by way of explanation: Guess who has two thumbs and just got her wisdom teeth out? THIS GUY!

I hit the sofa, I tuned into The Beauty and the Beast (special edition DVD no less) and then watched the classic HBO series The Sopranos whilst getting a high intake of Vitamin Soup. And I made it through to the other side.

As a celebration of sorts, I went to SiJo’s to purchase a tooth safe cheese of the runny kind – Le Dauphin.

Le Dauphin is a double cream white mould cheese made in France from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Taken literally the name means dolphin, but Dauphin was also the name used to describe the heir apparent to the French throne while Louis after Louis kept popping his head under the crown.

For lovers of mild cheese that also packs a punch, this sexy little number is so easy on the tongue and one’s Francophile sensibilities. After all if it was good enough to be named after ol’ Lou, it’s good enough for me.

I can imagine all those Gallic regents quietly tucking into this cheese slathered (heck yeah, this cheese is verging on liquid at room temperature) over some fresh baguettes. It’s mild enough that the landed gentry will enjoy it, yet strong enough to get that uncomfortable taste of the serfs challenging the divine right of kings right out of your mouth. Because dammit, if you can’t enjoy your dynastic rights over a light snack,
when can you?!

This cheese is also the perfect way to share some news with you. I will be heading to the city of lights – gay Paris – in just a few weeks time, and I plan on eating nothing but cheese and drinking nothing but wine.

If you have any suggestions on fromageries, charcuteries or general eateries that I must visit, please do let me know.

For now, let them eat cheese!


  1. We were taken by some locals to a duck restaurant. I believe it was Le Petit Canard ( Amazing cassoulet. Also, each table had its own toaster so your bread was the perfect temperature to accompany your foie gras.

    Also a lovely little bar on the other side of town called Chez Prune. Great cheese / tasting plates and lovely wine.

  2. Ooooh! What wonderful suggestions. I can’t wait to head over there and check it all out, and it certainly helps having a few inside tips on good places to go.

    I’ll have to make sure I have access to good wifi so I can blog about my cheeses en route to the hotel. And check out my flawless incorporation of the French language! It’s like I’m there already!